CPC2 Project Index

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Post ID Topics/Description Date
Post 1 The genesis of the CPC2 project and overall concepts 28-Dec-15
Post 2 A deeper dive into the technical specifications of the CPC2, block diagram, video conversions 26-Jan-16
Post 3 Memory timing, video upscaling process 26-Jan-16
Post 4 PCB Layouts, DesignSpark PCB, Libraries, building the CPC2 components in my EDA tool 24-April-16
Post 5 First board PCB layouts sent to fab! Also SCHEMATICS published! Pin connection guidelines and routing 13-Aug-16
Post 6 OSH Park boards – comparisons to source layouts 3-Sep-16
Post 7 Solder stencilling 11-Sep-16
Post 8 Assembly of the board (#1), microscope paste images, lessons learned! 18-Sep-16
Post 9 Project restart and new block diagram! 21-Sep-16
Post 10 New board layout, SAM4S introduction, new PCB layout process, fixed mistakes 16-Oct-16
Post 11 New PCB arrives! New assembly process 31-Oct-16
Post 12 PCB assembly, placing components after pasting, microscope paste, mask and reflow images 12-Nov-16
Post 13 Success! First startup, fault diagnosis, initial processor test 13-Nov-16
Post 14 FPGA JTAG, LED blinky, belated power calculations 17-Nov-16
Post 15 Fast passive parallel configuration, binary data over UART, USB FS bandwidth, Guthub upload 27-Nov-16
Post 16 Flash translation layer, eMMC chips, specification links 15-Dec-16
Post 17 Optimizing the bitstream upload through USB packet optimization, GCC “attribute optimize” 30-Dec-16
Post 18 eMMC prototype, fake SD Card, 0.5mm BGA workarounds, eMMC performance 29-Jan-17
Post 19 SPI waveforms in GTKWave, iVerilog vs Verilator, good FPGA/RTL practices, clock edge lessons 27-Feb-17
Post 20 More clock edge problems, metastable signals, crossing clock domains 15-Mar-17
Post 20.1 Github updates 2-Apr-17
Post 21 Digital sound, Commodore SID, HDMI start up, I2C development, ADV7513 I2C programming 12-Apr-17
Post 22 HDMI video output, (not) sharing bypass capacitors, software upload option for support CPU 29-Apr-17
Post 23 DE10-Nano unboxing, booting the standard images, NAT to internet, userspace I/O, Device Tree 6-May-17
Post 23.1 First CPC Video, combinational vs registered logic 7-May-17
Post 24 Video of CPC2 booting, USB video capture via UVC 26-May-17
Post 25 Impedance matching, transmission theory, signal reflections, USB keyboard connection 13-Jun-17
Post 25.1 Keyboard working video, CPC interrupt fixes 15-Jun-17
Post 26 Lab power, CPC interrupts, ESP32 and SOUND from HDMI! 3-July-17
Post 27 A working floppy disk controller 14-Sept-17
Post 28 Version 2 of the CPC2 board 12-Oct-17
Post 29 SDRAM Controller 12-Oct-17
Post 30 Byte Cache Controller Simulation 12-Oct-17
Post 31 System Design Constraints & Timing 12-Oct-17
Post 32 New board revision assembly 31-Dec-17
Post 33 SDRAM and Timing 09-May-18
Post 34 More on Timing Closure 22-May-18
Post 35 Proving the SDRAM 15-June-18
Post 36 Switching to Terasic Dev Board 09-July-18
Post 37 Tented via’s on HyperRAM board 09-May-18
Post 38 Exploring HyperRAM 28-Aug-18
Post 39 Floppy Disk Images stored on eMMC 02-Feb-19
Post 40 HyperRAM and obsolete components 25-Aug-19
Post 41 A new hardware build 2.3 05-Nov-19
Post 42 Testing results, ESP32 woes and new firmware 04-Jan-20
Post 43 CPC2 Bluetooth Joystick 10-May-20
Post 44 Final, working build 26-Aug-20
Post 45 CPC2 SourceCode 31-Aug-20
Post 46 3D printing a case 18-Oct-20
Post 47 Programming daughterboard 04-Dec-20
Post 48 Pogo pins and lessons learned 04-Dec-20