DE10-Nano Linux INITRD How-To

I’ve been struggling for over a week now to get my DE10-Nano board to boot a minimum Linux kernel with no dependencies to the onboard SD Card.

This post is how to get an embedded initial RAM disk or initramfs to boot and provide minimum application services.

Here’s my embedded “INITRD – How-To Guide”

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Retro CPC Dongle – Part 38

This post talks about HyperRAM, what it is, how to interface to it and how to improve the performance of high-speed parallel interfaces.

HyperRAM is described well by Cypress. It is essentially a double data rate RAM with a compact 12-line interface that masks the underlying technology of a DDR SDRAM.  It can provide 333MB/s of data transfer in short bursts. Data is transferred on both edges of the clock, and the narrow bus makes it ideal for microprocessors or pin-constrained FPGAs. Continue reading